No Job Too Tough For Women

Support for Women’s Employment in Heavy Industry: “No Job Too Tough For Women”
In our “No Job Too Tough For Women” project supporting social gender equality and employment of women in industries, our goal is to make contribution to development of social gender equality, to broaden Borçelik candidate pool, and to enrich our in-house corporate culture with women with reinforced status and increased opportunities of access to labour market. Our project is on one side giving support to increase of participation of women to labour force and to further development of social gender equality, and on the other side making contribution to increase of their vocational skills.
In this project conducted in cooperation with the Turkish Employers Association of Metal Industries (MESS) and İŞKUR, 26 women trainees selected from among 2500 applicants are trained on production processes through comprehensive training courses of 250 hours each on personal development and mentor-mentee program, aside from such technical training courses as overhead crane driving program. At the end of the program, 26 women are recruited on different lines in the production process.

Our project is awarded the “Good Practices” award within “Corporate Social Responsibility Awards” of the Turkish Confederation of Employers’ Unions.