While designing the business models of the future, we are aware that our primary focus is people. Getting inspired by people, our employees and our stakeholders, we inspire a better future together. We move forward with the vision of strengthening talent and we design and develop our corporate organizational structure with this vision.

As Borçelik, we believe that the differentiating factor is human. Acting with the awareness that our most valuable asset is our human resource, we shape our work environments and create personal development opportunities for our colleagues by considering different factors.

We believe that continuous working conditions and a safe working environment are a matter of culture. Therefore, we design processes that also take the advantage of technology in order to provide a safe and comfortable workspace. We exhibit pioneering work on Occupational Health and Safety in Turkey as part of our operations. Thanks to the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) culture that we have created, we do have a healthy, happy and safe working environment.

We consistently improve our employee engagement by prioritizing individual development and progress. We combine our innovative ideas and creativity with our work environment that prioritizes inclusiveness and equality to develop the business models of the future. We develop strategies for attracting and retaining talent to bring the best talent to our company.

Borçelik aims is to create value not only for the employees but also for the whole society. In this regard, we try to engage all our stakeholders affected by our operations in our decision-making processes and strive to bring out the highest social benefit. We help to build a different future for our communities, our customers and overall society. Owing to the motivation to contribute to the society, we develop long-term projects that provide national and regional social benefit. We carry out studies on Gender Equality to inspire all industries in addition to all these projects that focus on equality of opportunity.

Our Goals

Talent Management
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Occupational health and Safety
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Diversity & Gender Equality
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Contribution to Society
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