At Borçelik, we carry out our sustainability efforts as integrated with our business strategy. Focusing on climate, people, innovation, our entire organization (starting with Borçelik's Board of Directors) strives to achieve Borçelik's short-medium and long-term sustainability and decarbonisation goals.

Our board of directors takes strategic decisions on sustainability and decarbonization by focusing on Borçelik's business strategy, investments and operations. Borçelik Executive Board is responsible for the execution of the strategic decisions taken by Borçelik Sustainability Board, which consists of Borçelik Sustainability Leader and Borusan Group Sustainability Committee Thematic Working Group Leaders and the management of operational processes in line with the sustainability principles. Borçelik Sustainability Board acts in coordination with Borusan Sustainability Board in these activities. Borçelik Sustainability Committee, which is composed of mid-level executive representatives of all relevant functions in the Borçelik organization and authorized by Borçelik Sustainability Board, prepares the short-medium-long-term sustainability road maps and works in collaboration with the relevant departments to implement this road map. Borçelik Sustainability Committee works with the support of other sub-committees (Environment, Energy, Occupational Health and Safety, Gender Equality etc.) established within the organization of Borçelik and directs the sub-committees in this regard.
Our sustainability efforts are regularly monitored and directed by Borçelik's senior management throughout the year. Borçelik's sustainability risks are monitored as part of the integrated risk management. Sustainability activities are disclosed to public in the Borusan Integrated Annual Report.

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