We think that the climate crisis is not only an environmental issue but also an existential issue. In line with our principle of creating benefits, we are inspired by our biggest stakeholder, that is our planet. We mobilize our innovative ideas, productive force and creativity to overcome the climate crisis and build a sustainable world.

The work we carry out at Borçelik, in the name of environmental sustainability, is of great importance. We focus on reducing carbon emissions and act as the main the producer and implementer of significant projects in this regard.

We take concrete steps while combating against climate change with the aim to reduce our emissions due to our operations by 47 percent by 2030 and to further reach a net zero goal by 2050. We fulfill our responsibility to nature, the environment and future generations by significantly reducing our emissions due to our manufacturing operations and service processes through acquiring our electricity from renewable sources and our energy efficiency efforts. We design conscious actions to reduce the environmental footprint of our investments. Getting inspired by cyclical models in nature, we integrate recycling, reproducing and rethinking in our production and service processes.

Our Goals

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Circular Economy Understanding
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