Vision,Mission,Our Values

To become the number one down-stream steel solutions provider for key segments in our territories thru customer proximity, efficiency and innovation

We will add value:
To our stakeholders as a company that targets economical profitability
To our customers as a preferred brand with its customer focus
To our business by targeting Digital Transformation, Innovation and R&D as well as operational excellence,
To our future by using natural resources efficiently
To our country by carrying out our social responsibility.

Our Values

We aim for the best

We are professionals

We have the required human resources, know-how and assets necessary to be the best in our business. We increase our competitive capacity through globally approved implementations and initiatives and set an example with our corporate practices. We make a difference with our way of doing business.
We aim at overachieving and we accomplish this goal

Our work on a result-oriented basis. We aim high and focus on our ultimate goal while doing business. We see the big picture, take responsibility and work with high motivation along the path of maximum performance. We are aware of the strategy and direction of our company and we apply these in every decision and action we take.
We are innovative and creative

We are enthusiastic, participative and cooperative. We meet the necessary requirements of today's world and support innovative ideas and initiatives. We allocate time for thinking. We enjoy solving problems and creating opportunities. We constantly evaluate our routine and avoid making assumptions. We are not afraid of making mistakes and, in fact, we learn from them. We work incessantly in order to make a difference.
We support continuous development.

We work in a learning and growing business culture. We reward our employees who continuously improve and make a prominent contribution with their high performance. We provide feedback for improving and receive criticism with candidness.

We gratify our customers

We work for the success of our customers

Customers are our main focus. We consider ourselves ambassadors of Borusan. We work with the awareness of creating a value for our customers and their business in every decision we make and every action we take. We create customer loyalty through long lasting close relationships creating value. Our customer relations are based on flexibility, stability, speed and a solution-based partnership.
We create value for our customers with our high quality products and services.

In every line of our business, we provide the highest quality products and services for our customers. We continually endeavor to be one step ahead of the competition. We grasp the key customer demands and expectations and, when necessary, design our products and services, as well as our manner of business, accordingly.
We listen to the voice of the customer

We anticipate changing customer needs and endeavor to formulate prompt solutions with a proactive approach. Our priorities are identified by the priorities of our customers.

We take initiative and responsibility

We display efficient individual leadership

We embrace leadership of our business at every level of the organization and take our business seriously no matter which level of the organization we work at. We improve and motivate ourselves, as well as our environment, and unite around mutual goals and targets. We initiate and manage the change by constantly assessing our work
We take action in order to do what is necessary for our business

We take well-calculated risks and transform them into opportunities. Rather than waiting for approval, we take action within the framework of our competency and expertise and we take responsibility for our decisions. We make our decisions fast and apply them in the shortest time possible.
We work as a team

We recognize the contribution added to the business by each individual and their function and we attempt to generate maximum value from this. We respect each other, appreciate our differences and encourage maximum participation in order to create a base for individual initiative and responsibility.
We establish an efficient and lean organization

We have no tolerance for bureaucracy and activities which do not create added value. We work in an environment of open and efficient communication with integrated and productive systems in the leanest organizational structure possible

We are reliable

We establish open and honest relationships

We pursue relationships based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust and integrity with our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and other business partners
We keep our promises

Our words, actions, decisions and behavior combine as a consistent whole. We do not make promises which we are unable to fulfill. We keep all our promises and commitments regardless of the circumstances. Each one of us acts with the vision of preserving and elevating our reputation. All our customers who use our products or services experience the assurance that comes in working with Borusan.
We adopt fair competition

We act with the principles of goodwill, understanding and fairness within the sphere of codes of conduct and law in order to for all of our relationships to be mutually beneficial. We put every effort into the improvement and institutionalization of the sectors in which we are involved as well as the entire business world.

We contribute to the community

We support the cultural development of society

Our primary goal is to elevate the educational and cultural level of the community in which we are living. We feel responsible as a corporation and as individuals in respect of preserving our culture and values while building a progressive society. We serve as a model for society with our sensitivity to its needs.
We encourage the participation of our employees in social responsibility projects

We work with the awareness of responsibility, not only for ourselves, but also for society. We take action in line with this approach in both our business and personal lives, while expecting it from outside our organization as well. We participate in volunteer projects which fulfill the needs of the community.
We are responsible for the environment

We are aware of our responsibility for the future of the world. Environmental awareness is our primary principle in all of our business processes as well as our social lives. All of our decisions made during the course of our manufacturing and service activities are evaluated by their impact on the environment.