Life in Borçelik

Thanks to our applications touching our daily life, facilitating our lives, and creating a more zestful workplace environment, we are living the privilege of working in a culture giving value to human.

Social Activities
We, as Borçelik family, are attaching importance particularly to activities whereby our employees can further enrich their social lives and seethe with each other and their families. Our aims are to create a zestful workplace atmosphere, and to reinforce our internal communications through social and cultural activities, and to build a culture enabling us to have fun while working through such activities as culture tours, team nights, parties, colorful sports tournaments, special day celebrations, child festival and our traditional family picnic organizations.

Sosyal Aktiviteler

Hobby Clubs
Our hobby clubs are actively continuing their activities since 2012 with a view to strengthening internal communications among our employees, building a balance between business and life, contributing to personal development of our employees and their family members, and providing advantages to the society. Our clubs are organizing around 65 activities every year, and are reaching more than 1400 Borçelik members and their families. At present, we have 14 clubs in total, namely Amateur Radio Club, Horse-riding Club, Biking Club, Photographing Club, Pigeon Lovers Club, Maker Club, Handline Fishing Club, Painting Club, Chess Club, Greenhousing and Plant Growing Club, Underwater Club, Tennis Club, Trekking Club and Cooking Club, and we are continuing to increase the number of our clubs every day through imagination of our employees.

Hobi Kulüpleri

We are proud of winning the achievement award by this project in «2016 Distinctive HR Projects» category in the Human Management Awards contest organized by PERYÖN.

Working Conditions

Wage Benefits Applications

In our Company, we are applying a Work Assessment System aiming to define the works and job duties in integration with corporate goals and organization structure. In this system creating a base for recruitment, career management, wage benefits, we are determining the job grouping and leveling information on the basis of works, not the individuals. Furthermore, depending on personal performance, we are applying premiums as well in accordance with the terms and conditions set down in group and corporate applications. In addition, we have a flexible fringe benefits application which enables our employees to choose their own fringe benefits in line with their own priorities within the budget identified for themselves according to job grouping and leveling information. This application covers only the employees who are recruited until April during the relevant year and are still working.

Working Hours

Our work days are determined as Monday – Friday, except for shift workers, and our working hours are between 08:00 and 17:30 hours. We are also providing our employees with all types of equipments, mobile technologies and opportunities allowing them to work comfortably also outside the identified work days and working hours. In our factory working 24 hours a day, we are applying a three shift system for our production operators.

Transportation Opportunities

We are providing a transportation system for safe transportation of our employees from company to house and from house to company through our bus services along main routes. Out of bus service routes, we are giving travel allowance if and to the extent deemed fit as a result of assessment by the committee. In addition, we are organizing shuttle bus for certain routes at predetermined times in order to allow our employees to take care of their personal affairs and to have access to alternative food and beverage facilities.

Annual Leave Applications

Personnel having a past service of 1-5 years are entitled to use an annual paid leave of 18 business days, personnel having a past service of 6-15 years are entitled to use an annual paid leave of 22 business days, and personnel having a past service of more than 15 years are entitled to use an annual paid leave of 26 business days.

Food & Beverage Services

Lunch is prepared carefully by our contracted private catering subcontractor in Borusan Gemlik campus kitchen, and is served at the mess hall. In addition, we are providing our employees with privileged food and beverage services covering various different dishes at appropriate prices via private presentation of chief at Borusan Guesthouse kitchen.

Healthcare Services

In our Company, we have workplace doctor and medical assistant for emergency interventions and sending to hospitals if and when needed. In addition to our private nursing room prepared in details on needs-basis specifically for nursing mothers who have recently come back from maternity leave, our private ambulance is made available on 7/24 basis in our Borusan Gemlik Campus infirmary as well.

Clothing Code Applications

We are permitting professional-like smart casual clothes which do not limit our employees with certain taboos. We have free clothing application on Fridays with no private visits and meetings.

Healthy Life at Work Applications

An adequate and balanced nutrition does not only increase our life quality, but also has direct effects on our performance in business life. We are providing corporate dietician counseling service to our employees for a healthy and high quality life.
We are also offering psychological counseling services so as to ensure that our employees have a more efficient, effective, peaceful and balanced life both at work and in their private life.


Through our mobile application Bi’İşler awarded by PERYÖN, we are enabling our employees to have quicker access to information about our services and to get service with only one click in many different fields such as bus service, healthcare, meals, activities and notices for the sake of facilitating their lives.

Avita Personnel Support Line

«Avita Personnel Support Line», providing information and counseling to our employees for resolution of their personal problems through specialized support in psychological, medical, financial, legal, technology and general issues and for successful establishment of a balance between their private and business lives, is offering service to you and your relatives of first degree on 7/24 basis.


By this application, we are enabling Borusan Group personnel and their relatives to have access to not only Borusan products, but also special discount agreements signed with different service providers (restaurants, social facilities, healthcare and education institutions, etc.) for certain periods.

The Borusans

We are offering an internal communication portal enabling our employees to receive information and experience from other Borusan Group companies, and to follow up both entertaining and developing shares via in-house social network platform for the sake of enhancing the in-group interactions.