To Be A Member Of Borçelik

As one of the global brands of steel sector, we have adopted it as our largest target to create equality of opportunities among all our employees by further developing the skills and abilities of our employees. Through the Human and Career Policy formulated in tandem with this target, we are meeting the human resources needed by Borçelik for its strategic plan and targets, and striving for sustainability of this manpower and use of it in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

We in Borçelik;

Each of us is a member of a principled group catching up with the times, being conscious of its responsibilities towards the geography and community it lives in, and striving for adding value to its own humans. We are the fellow traveller of ArcelorMittal, both leader of our sector and the largest steel manufacturer of the world. We believe in team game and that we can transform our passions into production all together. We are attaching importance to the development and safety of our employees more than anything. We are excited about the innovations and the future of our sector. If you also wish to be a part of such a world, you can find everything about working experience in Borçelik in these pages.

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A Working Life Giving Value To Employees

Thanks to our applications touching our daily life, facilitating our lives, and creating a more zestful workplace environment, we are living the privilege of working in a culture giving value to human.


Development In Borçelik

Career In Borçelik

Career Opportunities

We are offering opportunities for everyone committed with passion to their works and to the future. Different career paths from field to office, from new graduates to internship programs are waiting for you here.