Management Policies

Occupational Health & Safety, Environment and Energy Policy

With a view to ensuring that our employees, subcontractors and other related business partners and stakeholders work in a healthier and safer environment, and using our natural resources and energy more efficiently, and preventing pollution, thereby passing a cleaner and more inhabitable and liveable environment on to the future generations, we hereby make public that we have adopted the following as the fundamental principles of our Occupational Health & Safety, Environment and Energy Policy:


Quality Policy

In tandem with our vision of “To become the number one down-stream steel solutions provider for key segments in our territories thru customer proximity, efficiency and innovation ”, by building a supportive culture requiring a visible leadership and a net responsibility, we take it as our duty:


Corporate Information Security Policy

Like all other contemporary companies, our Company also significantly needs information, and is carrying out its production activities by using such information in line with the corporate objectives and values. With a view to assuring information security against security gaps and vulnerabilities and associated new threats increasing by use of rapidly developing information technologies, and to maintaining business continuity, and to minimizing the in-house risks of improvement, we aim to implement the Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) in all processes, and to ensure their continuity.