We aim to be a responsible flat steel producer and inspire all our stakeholders by adopting our sustainability strategy which we address inclusively focusing on climate, people and innovation and by developing projects accordingly. As Borçelik; we are one of the first flat steel producers of Turkey accepted as a member of ResponsibleSteel, which is the world's first organization based on environmentally and socially responsible steel production and aiming at standardization specific to the steel industry.

We have adopted the standards of ResponsibleSteel which continues its activities in line with the aim of “building a sustainable future for the steel industry" by considering socio-economic and environmental sustainability. Adopting the principle of fully complying with the standard, we are committed to continuing our operations in line with the ResponsibleSteel Standard.

As one of the leading and pioneering institutions of steel industry, Borçelik will continue to review and transform its processes to meet ResponsibleSteel's 13 principles covering governance, environmental and socio-economic issues related to steel production.

ResponsibleSteel Principles
Principle 1: Corporate Leadership
Principle 2. Social, Environmental and Governance Management Systems
Principle 3. Responsible Sourcing
Principle 4. Decommissioning and Closure
Principle 5. Occupational Health and Safety
Principle 6. Labour Rights
Principle 7. Human Rights
Principle 8. Stakeholder Engagement and Communication
Principle 9. Local Communities
Principle 10. Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Principle 11. Noise, Emissions, Effluents and Waste
Principle 12. Water Stewardship
Principle 13. Biodiversity