Development in Borçelik

Borusan Academy
Borusan Academy is preparing and offering training and development programs creating a difference for Borusan members both in business processes and for their personal development. In Borusan Academy, all Borusan members are allowed to participate all programs needed for their personal development in tandem with their development plans. We are preparing Leadership and Sales faculty programs in cooperation with Sabancı University Executive Development Unit, and Financial Affairs Specialization Program in cooperation with Boğaziçi University Lifelong Training Center. We are using certification training and development contents provided by specialized trainers during long processes and periods.

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360° Competence Assessment
360° competence system is a development tool by which Borusan members can see their own existing situation according to the competences and behaviors determined for themselves in Borusan Group Leadership model. Thanks to 360° competence assessment system, Borusan members are discovering their own strong and open for improvement aspects, and are preparing their self-development plans in the light of individual assessment reports issued as a result of assessment about themselves.  
The renewed 360° competence assessment system is a system which is independent from periods, open all the year round and usable by Borusan members in their own initiatives. The priority is at all times given to development in this system which is rather plain and close by its assessment method and is entirely in the initiative of Borusan members thanks to its flexibility in use.
Borusan members can start the 360° competence assessment system in their own initiative in line with their own needs at any time they wish during the year. Particularly its use at the time of completion of projects or prior to half-term interim assessment period and year-end assessment period makes it possible for co-workers and executives or managers to give feedback about acts or behaviors of Borusan members. Then, Borusan members are expected to develop their acts and behaviors for the sake of better management of their jobs and relations in line with the feedbacks received as above.