Talent Management

We evaluate the annual performance of our employees and apply Performance Management Processes that prepare development plans according to the performance results. We aim to boost our individual and corporate successes by increasing the ratio of happy, competent and committed employees.

In order to support the personal and professional development of our employees, we prepare personalized road maps in accordance with the needs of each individual. Borçelik Technical Academy (BTA), which help us to ensure the continuous development of our field and office employees, makes a great contribution to us in line with our goal of adding value to people. As an organization with constantly learning, developing employees who are happy to be together, we value the comments of our employees and create new development areas for ourselves with the feedback that we receive from them.

Besides ensuring continuity in our relations with our employees, we care about bringing talented and high potential candidates to our organization and keeping our employees as significant members of the Borçelik Family in the long run.