University – Industry Cooperation

We are very well aware of to which extent it is important to enter into cooperation, share knowledge and make use of expertise of others in the course of R&D processes.

Borçelik attaches great importance to university – industry cooperation for canalizing the projects at the idea stage or the existing R&D works and activities to industry correctly and quickly, and reporting the needs and demands of industry to specialized academicians for projecting purposes, and ensuring that the abilities and competences existing in universities make contribution to our company as well.

In its R&D works and activities performed by its competent R&D personnel, its infrastructure, its laboratory and pilot-scale R&D works, and its industrial scale tests and experiments, Borçelik is either using its own R&D laboratory or making use of university infrastructures through its projects conducted with and its cooperation agreements entered into with universities.
For the sake of most efficient and effective use of sources of universities and our company, we are building cooperative and collaborative projects in reliance upon university and industry capacity / needs analyses. To that end, we have signed a cooperation protocol with Bursa Technical University which is expected to make contributions to our company thanks to its physical closeness and its areas of specialization.

We are attaching great importance to the ongoing postgraduate and doctorate studies of our R&D staff members, and are making cooperation with Özyeğin University as a part of TÜBİTAK 2244 Industrial Doctorate program.
Borçelik has initiated various different cooperation initiatives with various universities of Turkey as a part of projects within the frame of University – Industry cooperation. Borçelik is presently cooperating with a total of 13 universities, including, but not limited to, Bursa Technical University, Çukurova University, Kocaeli University, Koç University, and Middle East Technical University.

Believing that the know-how to be produced and acquired as a result of collaborative works to be realized with universities, research centres and industries is rather important for sustainable success and future of Borçelik, we are endeavouring in order to gradually strengthen and enrich our existing cooperation and collaboration works.