R&D Centre

In Borçelik R&D Centre, registered by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology as the 590th R&D centre opened in Turkey, we are collaborating with not only such scientific institutions as universities, research centres and TÜBİTAK, but also our customers who are the pioneering leaders of their own sectors, in due consultation and regular exchange of knowledge with them.

Borçelik R&D Centre aims to diversify and enrich the values added to its customers by adding also its R&D power to its existing products and technologies and by producing brand new products, also including high added value, new generation steels, through processes further enriched with its digitalization, Industry 4.0 adaptation and modelling works with enhanced productivity and efficiency. Accordingly, Borçelik has continuously strengthened its R&D Centre assets since its foundation by making serious investments on its R&D and innovation initiatives from 2015 till date.

Borçelik is conducting its R&D and innovation initiatives and activities on a systematic basis,and is employing its know-how in its new applications and services. Since the day we have received our official R&D Centre certificate as per the provisions of the Law number 5746 in 2017, our R&D activities and projects are relied upon the aims to continuously develop new and innovative products, to further improve our production skills and processes, to localize the products needed in industrial production sectors and presently imported from international markets, and finally to produce new products, knowledge and services in such manner to add value to the processes of our customers.

In addition to these aims, to further improve our country’s export potential by increasing the competitive power in the projects realized as a part of R&D and innovation activities, and to enrich our company’s and our country’s knowledge and technology assets through academic activities and partnerships, and as a natural effect and reflection of it, to manage our intellectual property rights are also among the focal areas of Borçelik R&D.

Borçelik R&D Centre is built on three main fields of activity named as Material Development, Process Development and Technology Development. We are employing researchers specialized in relevant different disciplines with the intention of building our projects on realistic foundations and thereafter, implementing and reaping the fruits of our projects completed successfully. To this end, by strengthening our manpower with addition of new colleagues graduated from many different departments such as Chemical Engineering, Physics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Electronic Engineering from many academic institutions we are cooperating with, we intend and plan to build a very disciplined and multi-stakeholder working and growth model.

Our Material Development division is focused on the following activities for transition from commercial products to high added value products:

-To ensure that cheap and commercial import steel materials are substituted by new technologic generation steels with equal or better functional expectations by using all of the required advanced engineering techniques; and

-Preventing the occupation of Turkish steel market by commercial steel produced with the costs that commercial steels cannot reach in relation to the economy of scale abroad;

-To make contribution to our national economy through local manufacturing of advanced generation steels needed by our national industries; and

-To design and develop products with strengthened corrosion resistance having different surface characteristics.

In our Process Development division, with the intention of development in our company of exogenous process technologies, we are dealing with the following activities:

-To make the flat steel industrial processes a part of our corporate know-how and knowledge assets by further developing the process know-hows owned by the foreign engineering firms dominating and leading their fields of activity through our own R&D activities;

-To model the manuf acturing processes by creating their digital twins; and

-To go beyond the predetermined process efficiencies by owning process technologies, thereby making positive contributions not only to our company’s financial operating results, but also to national sources and environmental consequences through lower consumptions and losses, and gains in time and capacity.

In our Technology Development division, for the sake of adaptation of current technologies to our existing processes by following the existing trends, we are engaged in the following activities:

-To further improve our corporate processes through digitalization and advanced automation skills; and

-To prepare Borçelik and our country for the future through partnerships and projects of a wide scale from Industry 4.0 transformation and creation of digital skills and assets thereinfor to infrastructure and integrated system integration.