Metallurgy Quality Laboratory

Borçelik Metallurgy-Quality Laboratories are engaged in incoming control of raw materials and auxiliary materials, as well as finished product controls and analyses on process critical parameters. In addition, samples of customers are also analysed and inspected on ad hoc basis in our Metallurgy-Quality Laboratories through the Customer Technical Services Department, and if any skill not covered by our inventory is needed, support may be taken also from different academic devices and personnel included within our University Industry cooperation program.

Metallurgy-Quality department is carrying out its said activities in its laboratories built in three separate areas. These laboratories are as listed below:

»Raw Material Incoming Controls Laboratory
»CGL 1 Mechanical Laboratory
»CGL2, CGL3 and CR Mechanical Laboratory

All sources relating to laboratories are documented, and their polyvalence has been determined, and backed up as needed. In all locations, the atmospheric environmental conditions are kept under control, and devices are calibrated periodically, and measurements are validated and verified within the frame of ArcelorMittal Laboratories joint working group program.

Basic equipments and analyses of the laboratory are as described in the link.