Customer Technical Relations

Our Customer Technical Relations (CTR) team assumes the role of a technical bridge between customers and Borçelik, and helps the customer in making its manufacturing operations more efficient and effective, and in saving up costs therein.

Information on Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled and Galvanized Flat Steel manufacturing operations, their qualities, storage and standards are briefed to our customers through either visits and general meetings or special seminars.

Joint initiatives are organized and held with a view to enabling our customers to know their raw material inputs better and to reach maximum efficiency in use of flat steel products. To this end, our CTR team identifies customer expectations before sales, and warns our quality, manufacturing and shipment departments in tandem with the customer expectations.

Our Customer Technical Relations team plays the role of a flat steel advisor for our customers in a real sense.

Trials and Product Adaptations

New raw material demands of customers are processed as a trial, and are manufactured and followed up separately from routine manufacturing operations. CTR team follows up the performance of our products in use by the customer. Customer feedbacks aim to make sure that our products meet and satisfy the customer needs in the best manner possible. After satisfaction of customer expectations through trials, information collected in the trial production are transferred to routine purchase orders, thereby assuring the sustainable quality warranty.

Customer Complaints

Borçelik represents and warrants that upon receipt of a notice relating to any non-conformity of materials, the problem will be inspected and checked onsite by a CTR officer within 10 days, and a solution will be developed in line with the relevant sales contract and international standards.

Borçelik accepts and treats the customer complaints as one of the most important inputs of its continuous development program. To this end, each complaint is inspected and assessed by the technical team, and the required corrective/preventive activities are planned and implemented. And in the course of this process, continuous feedback is given to our customers.

During the complaints process, the material is traceable via its roll/pack number. For this reason, complaints should be notified and reported by giving reference to this number. In order for a complaint to be eligible for closing by a compensatory action, a notice of complaint should have been sent while the subject materials are in the original form a shipped from Borçelik (i.e. no additional sizing or shaping should have been made thereon). Materials which have been subject to any secondary processes cannot be accepted or treated under the complaints process.

Please review the specifications with respect to the conditions sought for in notices of complaints. You can click to retrieve the specifications.

Training Seminars

As an indication of the industrial approach of Borçelik, CTR team organizes training seminars for customers with the intention of establishing a link between steel products and customer’s application, thereby increasing total efficiency. Please find below a list of our free basic training and certification courses given for the above stated goal:
»Iron and Steel Production (A presentation of all flat steel manufacturing processes starting from ore, further enriched with summary film and sample materials)
»Coated Sheets (Galvanized, Galvannealed,Galfan, Alusi, Aluzinc, Electrogalvanized, etc.)
»Sheet Standards
»Mechanical Features and Shaping Principles
»Sheet Defects (Defectology)