Delivery Terms and Conditions

Coil Weights

Borçelik’s coil weight characteristics are specified below:
Coil Weights: 14-22 kg/mm (weight per unit millimeter)
Maximum Coil Weight: 30 tons
Small coil deliveries are also possible outside the coil weight limits. Please call us for such requests.

Welded Coil

Borçelik can adjust coil tonnages in accordance with customer needs. If the coil joint weld zones are accepted, tonnage adjustments can be made within custom narrow tolerances of customers. Weld zones are marked by hole markings on the sheet surface. These marks are opened at 1 m distance to the weld zone and can easily be located using an automatic hole detector during use. The coils may contain a few such coil joint welds.
If during the ordering stage it is stated that no weld zones are required, then the coil tonnage range should not be restricted. In such a case, a preliminary agreement should be made on the possible range of such coils.

Coil Weight Deviations

Borçelik offers service in the 75% and 100% range of the targeted full coil tonnage. Weight deviations are within this rate. Borçelik reserves the right to replace 20% of the total order with low-tonnage (25%-75% of targeted tonnage) materials.


Our pack types are determined mostly in due consultation with our customers by considering the following terms and conditions. It is possible to differentiate as far as possible and to produce special solutions through a great many of pack types included in our catalogue.

• Customer
• Customer location (domestic market/foreign market) and logistics plan
• Customer storage conditions (multilayer stockpiles, stock cycle time, storage area conditions, etc.)

You may call us for choosing a pack type which is most fit for your business purposes technically and economically.