Quality Policy

In tandem with our vision of “To become the number one down-stream steel solutions provider for key segments in our territories thru customer proximity, efficiency and innovation ”, by building a supportive culture requiring a visible leadership and a net responsibility, we take it as our duty:

To continuously improve our Quality Management Systems, and implement all of the applicable conditions, also including the requirements of all applicable laws and regulations, the customers’ special requests and the technical requirements; and
To spare all kinds of resources fit and appropriate for the requirements of corporate learning; and
To build review and sharing environments through which our Quality Targets can be adopted and understood by our organization as a whole; and
To continuously improve the risks and opportunities in our processing by using the newest and most advanced problem resolution techniques and methodologies; and
To further increase our efficiency and competitive power by developing and building cooperation, motivation and efficient communication with our related parties and stakeholders; and
To make innovation and digital transformation an indispensable part of our corporate culture, thereby developing new products, services and business models adding value to both our company and our customers, and increasing our business efficiency; and
To make our company “preferable at all times” by our customers and employees by giving particular importance to our social responsibilities through making the Borusan Group business and ethical principles known very well in the whole organization.

A. Kerem ÇAKIR / General Manager