Occupational Health & Safety, Environment and Energy Policy

With a view to ensuring that our employees, subcontractors and other related business partners and stakeholders work in a healthier and safer environment, and using our natural resources and energy more efficiently, and preventing pollution, thereby passing a cleaner and more inhabitable and liveable environment on to the future generations, we hereby make public that we have adopted the following as the fundamental principles of our Occupational Health & Safety, Environment and Energy Policy:

To build and continuously develop an efficient and effective system preventing all probable accidents, occupational diseases, environmental damages and non-conformities and researching investments, improved operations and energy-sensitive purchases; and
To comply with all of the applicable current laws and other requirements; and
To continuously review and improve the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, and Energy objectives and goals by means of measurable performance indicators; and
To build and create a supportive culture requiring a visible leadership and a net responsibility; and
To create a workplace culture wherein unsafe works which may cause damages to environment are stopped; and
To regularly test and continuously update the emergency plans and equipments; and
To further reduce energy costs through existing good practices and both energy-efficient and low-cost technologies; and
To establish an efficient communication with all stakeholders and take into account also the needs and requirements of stakeholders, and to generalize the awareness of the fact that the overall objectives can only be achieved by safe behaviours and contributions of all employees; and
To reduce and keep under control all kinds of wastes which may cause harm to natural life and to health of our employees by taking steps towards use of renewable energy and using environment-friendly production technologies; and
To identify, assess and eliminate all risks and to manage dangers,

And accordingly, we hereby commit ourselves to endeavour in order to adopt and abide by these principles in each step we take.

A. Kerem ÇAKIR / General Manager