Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company aims to carry out and support corporate responsibility works that contribute to our country. Our company believes in sharing back with the society what is earned from the society as a principle and acts with an approach that develops and protects the interests of the society in general. While the company realizes projects that emphasize the importance of using steel in constructing earthquake-resistant buildings, it also executes many social responsibility projects in the fields of education, environment, women, sports, culture and art.

Considering the contribution of women in professional life as an indispensable part of the development process of Turkey, our company works to become a part of this solution.

Supporting Education

As a part of Borusan Group, we are fulfilling our social duties and making a significant contribution to raising the education quality of our country. We are continuing our efforts relentlessly to improve education and educational institutions. Borcelik provides scholarships to students through the Educational Assistance Fund. The fund, which is supported by contributions from the salaries of employees, has provided financial assistance to 45 students to date. Our educational projects
  • Opening of Uludağ University Asım Kocabıyık Vocational High School
  • Opening of Uludağ University Department of Law (at Gemlik Asım Kocabıyık Campus)
  • Scholarship for a total of 45 students, 20 of which still continues with Borçelik Contribution to Education Fund where Borçelik employees participate voluntarily
  • Providing coaching to 76 students with our 30 coaches within the scope of Vocational High School Coaching program
  • Providing work safety and engine classes as well as seminars on various subjects to the students of Uludağ University Asım Kocabıyık Vocational High School Department of Engine by our employees since 2000
  • Implementation of “Curious Books” Project in 3 primary schools in 3 education years
  • Supporting Turkish Structural Steel Association in building Tevfik Seno Arda High School (steel construction)
  • Establishment of a chemistry laboratory at Celal Bayar Anatolian High School
  • Opening of Borusan Asım Kocabıyık Library at Umurbey Medical Vocational High School
  • Construction of Gemlik Culture Center

Supporting Nature

We are supporting nature with practices that protect the environment in all our production processes since our foundation.

We have completed projects that made significant contribution in the forestation of the Gallipoli peninsula.

As Borçelik, we planted 500,000 saplings over a field of 160 hectares since 2011 and continue our contributions to nature with our employees. Under the “One Coil One Sapling” project, we are planting 200,000 saplings each year in our greenhouse located in our factory area.

Our Environmental Committee prepares an Environmental Management Program each year. Under the World Environment Day activities, we perform presentations to increase awareness of our employees and children, organize painting contest about the environment, clean our shores and planting saplings with students.

Women Empowerment

With the belief that the involvement of women of business life is an integral part of the development process in Turkey, Borçelik strives to be a part of the solution as one of the most long-standing industrial corporations of Turkey.

Support for Women’s Employment in Heavy Industry: “No Job Too Tough For Women”

Borçelik, set an example in terms of leading the way for women’s employment in the steel industry with the project “No Job Too Tough For Women,” which highlights the idea that there is no men-specific work field and that women are capable of carrying out any job.

Within the frame of the program, women applicants receive technical training such as overhead crane operating licenses, as well as 250 hours of extensive trainings such as personal development and mentor-mentee programs. Upon the completion of the program 26 women find employment in different work areas.

Volunteering / Ocean

Volunteer activities in our company are performed with the Ocean Platform. This platform aims to develop effective solutions in the fields of education, culture-art, environment and human rights by enabling Borçelik employees to volunteer and use their knowledge and skills in social responsibility projects.

The Ocean Volunteer Platform aims to realize social responsibility projects that employees can participate as volunteers, to use our corporate and individual know-how and skills to contribute to society, to ensure that the concept and approach of volunteering is understood in our company and make the social responsibility practices systematic and sustainable.

The Ocean Volunteer Platform adopts the values of sharing, team spirit, leadership, social contribution, responsibility and activity.

Volunteering activities include many volunteer projects such as realizing joint projects with various non-governmental organizations, blood donation, book collection campaign, coast and sea cleaning works, project for reading books to visually impaired persons and the school friendly program.

Borusan Holding Social Responsibility Projects

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